Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ford C-Max Energi

When she purchased her second Miata in 2006, this owner vowed to herself that her next car would be very fuel-efficient; the Miata is not. 

In 2013, circumstances required this owner to trade-in her Miata for something sensible. Sensible meant space for five people—including two over 6 feet tall—and space for cargo. While this and fuel efficiency were the primary requirements, she hoped the new car would also be peppy and good looking; she was, after all, giving up a beautiful, fun Miata.

An electric car didn’t seem practical for a one-car household—Tesla wasn’t within the budget—but she hoped to find a plug-in hybrid. Ideally, it would be a small SUV. In 2013, only the Ford C-Max Energi met all of these requirements. 

The owner enjoys driving her C-Max. It’s peppy and fun to drive and—in the owner’s opinion—good looking. Giving up the Miata does not feel like a sacrifice! She’s averaged 150 MPG and spent less than $400 on fuel to drive over 17,000 miles. Her electricity bill has increased less than $20 a month. Most charging is done during the night, but she plugs in during high-peak hours several times a week. The owner has solar power and received a $2000 rebate from DWP for her fast charger. 

Visit us at the Mar Vista Eco Car Expo on April 10th at the Mar Vista Farmers Market. We'll be on Pacific at Grand View. See the Ford C-Max Energi, meet the owner and learn more!

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