Thursday, February 25, 2016

Honda Fit EV

This couple has been the very proud drivers of the HondaFit EV since 2012! Having driven exclusively hybrids since 2005, they were ready to get past the range anxiety and take the plunge.

Still a two car family, the Fit EV is always their first choice and the 2010 Prius lives mainly in the driveway for the occasional trip to Santa Clarita or Santa Barbara and the times when two cars are needed. The possibility of going down to one car is being strongly considered.

With solar panels and a home charging station, it is easy to top off over night at reduced rates. They are happy to report that in over 5 years, they have never run out of battery. Maintenance in 5 years has consisted of two tire rotations. There is simply nothing to fix or maintain.

The Fit EV is a limited edition – only 1,100 were made. Owners refer to it as ‘the Blue Unicorn’ because sightings are rare. It was offered on lease only and they dread the day when they have to give it up.

Visit us at the Mar Vista Eco Car Expo on April 10th at the Mar Vista Farmers Market. We'll be on Pacific at Grand View. See the Honda Fit EV, meet the owner and learn more!

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