Friday, February 26, 2016

Car Free With a 2013 Zero S Electric Motorcycle

In 2002, Paul Scott and his former wife bought their first electric vehicle (EV). They were early adopters for certain, but they instantly met a whole group of people who had been driving electric vehicles for months, and in some cases, many years. Granted, they were a small group, maybe five thousand at its peak and on its way toward decline since. As they were to learn, the very industry that had made the cars was busy crushing them by the hundreds as fast as they could get them back from the drivers who loved them. You may remember Paul from the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car. But this attempt to kill the electric car did not succeed. Quite the contrary.

After 13 years driving an electric car, with four of those years working as a 
Nissan Leaf salesman, Paul is now going to go car free. His lease ended on the EV and he turned it in. He'll be going carless for the rest of his life. He has an electric motorcycle (a 2013 Zero S with a modified controller) that affords him very inexpensive and extremely efficient transportation for almost all of my needs, and then there is car sharing for the rest.

Paul is truly a visionary! Stop by to meet him and discuss the future of the automobile and the role that autonomous vehicles will play. Read more about Paul and his decision here - I'm about to give up my car, forever.

Paul Scott is a long-time electric vehicle advocate and Nissan Leaf salesman. He is a founding member of Plug In America and a former president of the Electric Vehicle Association of Southern California. He's currently working on a documentary about his attempt to talk to President Obama about electric cars. This is his first article for 
AutoblogGreenThe picture above is from 2005.

Visit us at the Mar Vista Eco Car Expo on April 10th at the Mar Vista Farmers Market. We'll be on Pacific at Grand View. See the 2013 Zero S, meet the owner and learn more!


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