Friday, March 18, 2016

BMW i3

Hi, my name is Sara and I'm driving the BMW i3. I must confess I drive a lot of different BMWs. I work for the company! But one of my go-to cars and one of my favorites, is the All Electric BMW i3.

Why do I love this car when I could drive any of the BMW lineup? 

1. First off I'm a sustainability/environmentally-minded person. I love the car because it is not only electric, but has many other incredible sustainability features. Such as the interior materials are made from recycled plastic bottles. The dashboard is made from renewably farmed eucalyptus. The entire line at the factory is run on 4 wind turbines; 100% wind energy fuels the production. And, the body/chassis is made from carbon fiber that is created using 100% hydroelectric power.  The car itself is recyclable, according to German law. It's a true, mass produced environmental concept. 

2. Speaking of carbon fiber, outside the car business, I don't know how well known this material is. It is far lighter and stronger than aluminum. The i3's entire core is carbon fiber, just like the brand new BMW 7 Series. For me, that means I feel safer. I have a long commute and often drive to Orange County 4 times a week. I have watched the crash videos and the way the i3 holds up vs. other cars is incredible. I've seen higher speed crash videos showing the car bouncing off surfaces when crashed, with the main cabin completely protected. Very few mass produced cars use carbon fiber because it has traditionally been more expensive, and we are the only one at this price point, and in an electric vehicle. 

(I saw a photo last week from an accident in the i8 which is the sports car hybrid electric also with a carbon fiber core. It was one of my dealer's clients. A cement truck landed ON TOP of her i8. Other than a broken bone in her shoulder, she suffered minor injuries. The cabin was protected by this high tech material. And she was incredibly fortunate)

3. Car pool stickers. The i3 BEV (all electric) gets the white sticker, and the i3 REX gets green. As I said, I have a long commute. 

I guess for me, the fact the i3 is electric is just the starting off point for why I love this car. It drives like a dream with 50/50 balance, corners tightly, and accelerates like a BMW. 

I love it, but I know I'm a bit biased. Come by the market and see for yourself!

Visit us at the Mar Vista Eco Car Expo on April 10th at the Mar Vista Farmers Market . We'll be on Pacific and Grand View. See the BMW i3, meet the owners and learn more!

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