Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chevy Volt

I’m driving the new 2016 Chevy Volt.  I had purchased the first generation model 3 years ago and though I liked the car I felt that a number of things needed to be improved in order for me to lease another when my lease was up.  Well, Chevrolet made it easy for me.  First they sent me an email offering me the opportunity to test drive the new 2016 model by having one of their representatives come to my home with the car.   Once I got in and drove it, the car blew me away.  First of all the interior cabin was much more comfortable than the prior model.  The controls were changed to be more ergonomic, interior cabin details were improved, the bose speaker system seemed much sharper than the earlier model, and the onboard computer interface with ApplePlay is sensational.  

The electric range  went from 36 miles a charge for the prior model up to 54 miles a charge for the new one, an approximate 50% increase in range.  On my last Volt I often drove beyond the 36 mile range and the gasoline engine had to kick in to power the electric generator.   At the end of my lease I averaged 175 miles per gallon.   With the new model I mostly use gasoline just on lengthy trips or on days when I’m spread out driving all over the city, which is very rare.  Also, now when the engine does kick in, it’s much quieter than the earlier model, it uses a lower octane gasoline, and the cars overall range has increased to around 400 miles.   

On the new Volt they have increased the number of sensors that surround the vehicle and in doing so increased the overall safety as well as the comfort and ease of driving.   The low center of gravity makes handling fun and the hatchback design is versatile providing plenty of room, especially with the fold down rear seats.  

I think that anyone who is contemplating the purchase or lease of a new car should consider all of the electric and alternative fuel cars on the market.   Not everyone’s needs are the same, but if you share my concern for the environment and the impact driving a gasoline car makes I highly recommend testing out the new Chevy Volt.

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