Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fiat 500e

Ever since the Tesla was first announced, a sexy, long range electric car has been a goal for this driver.  While the Tesla remained outside of her budget, other electric cars were finally being made that could handle the mileage for this driver’s multi-stop days.  When the deals were advertised for the lease on the Fiat500e, getting into this delightful little car was a no-brainer.  Calculating that the lease cost less than gas and maintenance on her current car, this driver traded in her Prius in July of 2015. 

The Fiat 500e is her every day car to drive around town.  With a full charge of 80 miles, this baby makes the drive out to Santa Monica and back to Glassell Park easily.  Heading out to Calabasas to see family and back is easily doable, although the Fiat usually gets plugged in during the visit.  It take 4 hours to fully charge the car on a 240v, and 11 hours with 110v.  With solar panels, it is easy to top off over night at reduced rates. 

Quick to respond and tight around corners, the Fiat is a fun car to drive and cute as a button.  The fold-down seat and hatchback door allow enough room for a bike and other equipment for training days.  For most days, having a small car with one driver with little to no baggage, this is the perfect size.  Oddly, it is more comfortable for her 6’4” husband than the Prius was due to leg room. It has great heated seats, syncs via Bluetooth to her phone for hands free talking, and has controls on the steering wheel for audio input and cruise control.  The carpool stickers are also a big help during rush hour.  

Visit us at the Mar Vista Eco Car Expo on April 10th at the Mar Vista Farmers Market. We'll be on Pacific at Grand View. See the Fiat 500e, meet the owners and learn more!

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